TB Proof at Namibian Occupational Health Congress

Dr Chanèl Rossouw and Dr Zandile Erkana

TB Proof was invited to provide a member as guest speaker at the Namibia Medical Society (NMS) Occupational Health Congress, held at the University of Namibia’s medical school campus in October 2017. In attendance were members of the NMS, health workers and students. Dr Chanèl Rossouw, a medical doctor who was treated for occupational tuberculosis in 2015, shared her journey from illness to cure to raise awareness of the heightened risks and consequences of this illness to health workers. She encouraged staff at health facilities to insist on the implementation of adequate infection prevention and control strategies and raised the need for an effective TB vaccine. She highlighted that community health workers, volunteers and students who work in health care settings are also at an increased risk of developing tuberculosis, but are as yet not able to claim compensation should they contract the disease. The Unmask Stigma campaign was introduced to the audience, who were invited to join the campaign during World TB Day 2018.

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