Ananja van der Westhuizen

Tuberculosis is an important and unavoidable topic for any health care practitioner.

As a medical student rotating through many departments, clinics and hospitals, it has become evident that the theory we are taught and what we see in practice are worlds apart; I have a fresh perspective to notice gaps between best practice policy and what is implemented.

I have a strong passion to help decrease the stigma associated with wearing a mask either to protect yourself or those around you, as this is one of the few things we have control over. If our senior doctors are not going to set a good example with regards to infection prevention and control, we as students should take initiative to do so ourselves.



When you feel like just skin and bone
Remember you are not alone

You did absolutely nothing wrong
But now is the time to be strong

When you feel like life is too unfair
Remember you are loved by us, we care.