Dr Tiong Xun Ting

As healthcare professionals, we are soldiers fighting in the front line against various diseases, which makes us vulnerable to infectious diseases. In my country, you are bound to meet patients who have or had TB, no matter whether you are in a rural or urban setting.

Being diagnosed with primary MDR-TB, going through treatment and being cured has impacted my life a lot. The process was hard, painful and a challenge towards my love ones – however, having been through TB changes my perception. Because of TB, I met wonderful people. It made me truly treasure my love ones and provided me with a better understanding of patients going through this disease. Getting this disease is not the patients’ fault.

TB is a terrible disease; no-one should go through it. I was lucky – being in healthcare meant I was able to access early diagnosis and treatment. For most patients, diagnosis alone is challenging, in some cases too late. It is sad to see people dying form TB as it is a treatable disease.

I am very fortunate to be involved in advocacy work against TB and really hope that my generation will be the generation to end TB. TB proof is a good platform for healthcare workers to work together to #EndTB. I enjoy meeting people and learning from one another.