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Siddhi Nadkarni

TB Activist & Student; Providence, Rhode Island


As a student studying Global Health with a focus on immunology at Brown University, I am passionate about finding safer, less toxic, and more equitable methods of treatment for TB, as we collectively work to end the stigma surrounding it. I currently work at the Center for International Health Research, studying the immuno-epidemiology of malaria to inform vaccine design and development, and I hope to apply my findings to contribute to a more effective universal TB vaccine to protect patients and healthcare workers alike. I also strive to raise greater awareness of TB among student communities to emphasize the need for sustained research, activism, and a dedication to greater health equity as we work to combat this disease.


Given the tremendously complex nature of TB, drug resistance, and pervasive stigma, multifaceted solutions focused on research, policy, advocacy, and empathy are vital to making lasting change. I am passionate about all of these sectors and truly believe that through such an initiative, and with organizations like TB Proof, we can work toward a world without TB!

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