Werner Geldenhuys

TB Survivor & Activist

I was working as a health inspector in the Athlone district, Cape Town when I contracted MDR TB. My sickness was classified an Occupational Disease and I was on treatment from April 2013 to August 2015.

I suffered severe side effects; fortunately I still have my hearing. Since I was declared healthy, I have had the blessing and fortune of experiencing good health. The concern and slight paranoia is still present and I do get very worried with a slight sign of flu or a cough. I was very fortunate to have excellent medical help from Prof Wilcox and my family never dropped me; these two factors were crucial in my treatment period.

Be patient with yourself, take each day or even hour at a time. Forget about the 6 months or 2 years of treatment and don’t rush yourself towards the end… rather take special care of yourself, right now, and allow loved ones to be there for you. Find strength in God, he is the ultimate healer and is ever present in your life, waiting for you to turn to him.

TB can be beaten, it has been beaten over and over… You can do it as well!

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