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My patient’s choice – the Jolene Samuels MDR-TB Pledge

A carer’s pledge to offer patients an informed choice between a novel drug or an injectable drug for the treatment of MDR-TB

~ In loving memory of nurse Jolene Samuels, MDR-TB Champion & Cochlear Implant recipient ~

Jolene Samuels #TBunmasked from Visual Epidemiology on Vimeo.


I, the undersigned, am involved in the direct and/or indirect care of people with MDR-TB (multidrug-resistant tuberculosis). I hereby pledge to empower the people I care for to choose between the use of a novel drug (currently bedaquiline or delamanid) or an injectable aminoglycoside drug as part of their MDR-TB regimen, based on all relevant information about known benefits and risks shared with them.

I acknowledge that there are current data limitations, but in my opinion there is enough information to reasonably assume that MDR-TB regimens with a novel drug are at least equally effective compared to the old MDR-TB regimen containing an injectable during the intensive phase of treatment. Based on all available information, as summarised in a recent review by Reuter et al, both current novel drugs likely result in fewer serious adverse events than the injectables, particularly debilitating irreversible ones such as hearing loss, which may occur in as many as half of people treated with injectables for MDR-TB. I am also aware that an individual patient data meta-analysis of 9153 patients from 32 observational studies with MDR-TB in 2012 by Ahuja et al found no association between the use of any injectable agent and the probability of treatment success. Furthermore, in the new shorter MDR-TB treatment course of nine months the injectable agent has been replaced by bedaquiline for all pregnant patients in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, and injectable-free regimens have been recommended by the WHO for some children who are living with MDR-TB.

There are a number of clinical trials currently being done to formally assess the efficacy and safety of injectable free regimens, but the results of these studies are likely to take several years to become available. Given the limited evidence to support the efficacy of injectable agents and the clearly documented safety risks they pose, I believe that persons living with MDR-TB should be offered treatment options that would allow them to avoid the use of injectable agents in their treatment plan, while simultaneously according them the right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress. (London et al, 2016)

I therefore commit to giving every person diagnosed with MDR-TB under my care the opportunity to choose whether they would prefer to be treated with an MDR-TB regimen that contains a novel agent (either bedaquiline or delamanid) or one that contains an injectable agent. In settings where novel drugs are not yet available, I will ensure my patients can take part in shared decision making about their care and I will support their calls for access to safer and more effective alternatives.



Anybody involved in the direct or indirect care of people with TB is most welcome to sign on. For more information or if you would like to get more involved, please email

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Sheikh Abdullah  
Rajendiran rajadurai Rajendiran  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
Dr. Sheetal Sharma  
Pritesh Shah  
Pritesh Shah  
Abbas Ismail  
Pavani Reddy Yarram  
Dukhan Singh Munda  
Sandip Ghayal  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
Chulumanco Scwebu  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
Pat Bond  
Nirupa Misra  
Iqbal Master  
Lindelwa Cindi  
Rodolfo Romero  
Ebrahim Variava  
Kosuke Okada  
Zangmo’ Kinley  
Dr.Prem Prakash Anand Prem  
Arlette Bekker  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
Rita van Zyl  
Hameline Chimuka  
Busi Msimang  
Sibongile Tshabalala  
Nicolien Wydeman  
Christel van Zyl  
Felicity Raw  
Tariro Kutadza  
Zolelwa Sifumba  
Thato Mosidi  
Goodman Makanda  
Neesha Haridus  
Mike Roy  
Norbert Ndjeka  
Rue Rushwaya  
Nkateko Mkhondo  
Gavin Churchyard  
Barnabas Yisa  
Karin Turner  
Gabriella Ferlazzo  
Anele Yawa  
Noma Rangana  
Salome Charalombous  
Leigh Berrie  
Glenda Muzenda  
Pren Naidoo  
Lauren Jankelowitz  
Francois Venter  
Ndaw Bechir  
Dipela Mondi  
Esther Sonamzi  
Wieda Human  
MARIA ALICE DA Silva tellesTelles  
Dorothy Namutamba  
Ashton Joseph  
Liana Horn  
Megan Sonnenberg  
Colette Gunst  
Cady Adams  
Elana Stander  
Usiphe Mpambane  
Sebastian Schuetzenberger  
Shabirah Adriaanse  
Lenny Naidoo  
Maritsa Kotze  
Quratulain Kizilbash  
Beatrijs Strikkers  
Mavis Sifumbe  
Janet De Staalo  
Mavo August  
Noluvo Ngambu  
Lydia Lewis  
Sindiswe Gweja  
Thami Mthebe  
Glenda Wright  
Nontle Plaatjie  
Juwaya Morta  
Charletie Plaatjies  
Nosi Kalawe  
Robert Komane  
Lerato Kekana  
Rabia Cariem  
Emma van Breda  
Tania Dolby  
Judy Caldwell  
Aurelie Nelson  
Pilar Ustero Alonso  
Vindhya Vatsyayan  
Tinashe Mutsvangwa  
Zahedul Islam  
Margeory alexandra Carnero Avendaño  
Dadu A drei  
Nishant Chavan  
Maria Elena Binlayan  
miriam arago galindo  
Javier Pablo Ansmaria Cardenas  
Carly Rodriguez  
Marianna Theron  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
Oxana Domenti  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
Waru Gichane  
melanie lambrechts  
CAROLINE Nilsson  
Romany Redman  
tali cassidy  
Soroaga Larisa  
Faudia Forster  
Nthabeleng Jantjie  
Kristal Duncan  
Rodd Gerstenhaber  
Erika Mohr  
Nii Nortey Hanson-Nortey  
Kolawole Ekanoye  
Kolawole Ekanoye  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
Raghavendra Patil  
Dr Rahul Thakur  
Haydee Rumaldo  
Chenise Naicker  
Karen Edith Ramos Carhuas  
Ana Millones  
Esther Sonamzi  
Esther Sonamzi  
Ruvandhi Nathavitharana  
Helene-Mari van der Westhuizen  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
Rosa Yataco  
Rafael Laniado-Laborín  
Wubshet Jote Tolossa  
Milagros Mendoza  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
Barbara Seaworth  
Maria Stuttaford  
edwardo patac  
Shrikant Peters  
Mo Barry  
Raghavendra Patil  
Fanny Garcia  
Ronald Armando Penaredondo  
Skye Crouch  
Vanessa Carrillo Montenegro  
Colleen Daniels  
Kagiso Norman Matiting  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
Susan Cookson  
Daniela Puma Abarca  
Sara Perea  
Lourdes Cruzado  
Carolina Moran  
Phumeza Tisile  
Lisa George-Svahn  
Revathi Gunturu  
Joyce Sauk  
Nondwe Titi  
Andrew Rosser  
Daisy Dharmaraj  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
Grania Brigden  
Dirk von Delft  
Khanyisile Chiganze  
Delene Martin  
Faieka Samsodien  
Judy Caldwell  
Thato Mosidi  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
wanjiru Naomi  
Pam Britt  
Rosa Herrera  
Lynn Gardner  
Teresa Wilson  
Ananja Van der Westhuizen  
Koot Kotze TB Proof Kotze  
Bart Willems  
Fraser Wares  
Marion Heap  
Zara Trafford  
Mogie Reddy  
James Seddon  
Rutanga Claude Rutanga Claude  
Abeda Williams  
Marcela Tommasi  
Bonnie Snyders  
Lucica Ditiu  
Angela Dramowski  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
Ena Madsen  
Norah Pezisa  
Virginia Zweigenthal  
Margaret Matthews  
Jeanette Lochner  
Karin Huyssen  
Adelaide Kekana  
Nandipa Mafongosi  
Eveline Klinkenberg  
Max Meis  
André Van Zyl  
Amber Kelly  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
Jurgens Peters  
Sir Professor Alimuddin Zumla  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
Lucica Ditiu  
Mandy Slutsker  
Wubshet Jote Tolossa  
Mary Miller  
Warick Van Der Lingen  
Zolelwa Sifumba  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
Heena Narotam  
Andrea Von Delft  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
Aleche Barnard  
Wieda Human  
Ingrid Schoeman  
Michelle Galloway  
Dalene von Delft  
Arne von Delft  
    Civil Society/NPO/NGO
Arne von Delft  
Arne von Delft  
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